LED Variable Lighted Desk Lamp

LED Variable Lighted Desk Lamp - MODEL: LVARL1W/LVARL9BK

The LED Variable Lighted Desk Lamp offers a sleek design with incredible customization options! The Variable LED Lighting offers three settings to choose from, including Daylight, Office and Evening, giving a light that tailors to your every need at any point in the day! Additionally, while in each light setting, the Smart Dimmerâ„¢ technology allows you to dim or brighten within each setting to your perfect light by simply sliding your finger up or down on the touch sensitive pad.

This innovative desk lamp has 40 bright LEDs that can be focused in any direction due to its flexible neck with full height and angle adjustability. The LED Variable Lighted Desk Lamp also has a useful USB port, located in the back for the additional convenience of plugging in and charging your cell phone or any other portable device, while you work nearby.

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