Your Health Is Your Biggest Asset


Life today is a constant struggle against stressors, both internal and external. Between hectic schedules, pressures at home and at work, and environmental factors such as viruses and bacteria, it's vital that we do all we can to protect our health and well being.


Zadro Health Solutions proudly manufactures the latest and most innovative products designed to help promote a healthy and active lifestyle and make life easier.


Mood Enhancement Lighting

Oxygen Rejuvenation Technology

Infrared Thermometer

As the seasons change, and daylight becomes more scarce, some people experience depression like symptoms caused by Seasonal Affective Disorder, or S.A.D.


Mood Enhancement Lighting has been proven effective in combating these symptoms by emitting artificial sunlight that our bodies crave.

Work, stress, and other environmental factors can reduce our natural oxygen levels, which may have serious negative effects on our health and well being.


Our Oxygen Rejuvenation products are specially designed to help promote relaxation and health through increased Oxygen intake.


The infrared thermometer measures temperatures at a distance, without the need for direct contact.


This makes it a more hygenic and comfortable way to measure temperatures within the ear or on surfaces and in liquids.

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Visual Enhancement Solutions

Personal Relaxation Technology


Having trouble reading small text, working on detailed projects, or perhaps you just need some extra lighting in your home or office?


Our line of LED Lighted Magnifiers provide all the benefits of energy-saving LED lamps with the powerful magnification of desktop and handheld magnifiers.

With the high levels of stress in our everyday lives, it's important to schedule some "me time" and relax.


With a wide variety of relaxing massagers and brushes, take a well deserved break with a relaxing massage.


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UV Toothbrush Case