Oxygen Rejuvenation Technology

Oxygen Bar Increases Oxygen Concentration The Oxygen Rejuvenation Technology found in both the Tranquil Sounds Oxygen Bar and Rejuvenating Oxygen Bar increases the Oxygen concentration in the air by up to 43%, allowing you to breath enriched oxygen wherever you are!

Oxygen Rejuvenation Oxygen is hugely important to the body and mind. Appropriate levels of oxygen are vital to support cell respiration and health. Oxygen enhances health and wellbeing, including strengthening the immune system and enhancing concentration Our Oxygen Bars provide Enriched Oxygen to help supply your body with the Oxygen it craves!


Tranquil Sounds Oxygen Bar - MODEL: OXY01

The Tranquil Sounds Oxygen Bar produces Oxygen Enriched air, increasing the Oxygen concentration in the air by up to 43%. Simply put on the included headset and a gentle stream of oxygen is directed towards your mouth and nostrils. The Tranquil Sounds Oxygen Bar comes equipped with soothing music for increased relaxation. Note: This is NOT an medical device, and should not be used as a replacement for prescribed medical treatments.

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